02. The Earth in the Universe

Mind map

Ted-Ed: Trappist-1

Video: The known Universe

Video: The beginning of everything


Geocentric and Heliocentric model

Video: How big is the Universe… compaired with a grain of sand

The scale of the Universe

Space facts

BBC: Astronomy and space science

Braingenie: Earth in the Solar system


StudyJams: Universe and Solar System

BBC: The solar system

Prezy: The Universe and the Solar system

Video: The solar system, our home in space


Model of the Solar system

Solar system simulator

Interactive: Planet order

Interactive: Planet groups

TedEd: The first asteroid ever discovered

StudyJams: Movements of the Earth

Seasons and ecliptic simulator

Video: Why do we have seasons

Length of days and nights

Skydome Earth simulator

Time zones

Lunar phases simulator

Interactive: Lunar phases order

Interactive: Lunar phases geometric view

Ted-Ed: Solar eclipse

Animation: Solar eclipse

Interactive: Eclipses

Simulator: Eclipses

Web: kidsastronomy




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