00. The scientific method

Unsung heroes of science


Animation: The scientific method. Redi and Pasteur

Video: StudyJam. Scientific theory & Evidence

Video: StudyJam. Scientific methods

Video: The scientific method


What is the placebo effect?

Video: Placebo effect, control groups and double blind experiment


Video: Simple Science. Controlled experiments

Video: Controls, Variables, Constants


Activities: Identifying independent vs dependent variables

Prezi: The scientific method

Prezi: Research paper

Examples of research papers: genomic-selection-improves-heat-tolerance-in-dairy-cattle-_-scientific-reports


Science and Pseudoscience

Differences between pseudoscience and science

  • Pseudoscientific ideas are not tested, or can not be tested (i.e. not testable). Science ideas are tested, and are testable.
  • Pseudoscientific ideas are not given to scientists to read before they go into a paper (called “peer review”). Science papers are peer reviewed.
  • Pseudoscientific ideas are not based on facts. Science is based on facts and observations.


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